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Foundry Service – Steel Molding

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Foundry Service – Steel Molding

Foundry Service – Steel Molding

  • Categories: Foundry Business, Core Melting of Iron for Molding Steel Parts
  • Industries: Steel Parts Manufacturing, Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Machinery Parts Manufacturing, Gears & Ring Gears Manufacturing, Steel Shafting Production.


Our core business is in Metal Casting. Our Foundry Business is capable of the Modern and Traditional Cast Iron techniques for molding complex size and shapes of metal products.

We started making Barbells and Dumbbell Plates for exercise equipment, and then later on ventured into steel parts manufacturing for machines, auto parts, and shafting materials.

Our foundry business is capable of producing hundreds of numerous steel products that we can reliably supply to our business partners without sacrificing the high quality of metal parts that we produce.