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With over 20 years of experience in Metal Casting. Rotelland International has provided above industry quality Metal Cast Iron products to various industries such as the Automotive Parts Industries, Tractor Parts, Industrial Machine Gear Parts, Pulley Parts, Rims and Cast Iron Weights such as Barbell and Dumbbell products.

Our Core Business is in Foundry
We offer a modernistic Machine Casting process and the Traditional Casting of Manufactured Cast Iron Metal Products. Our business operates a highly efficient Melting Plant, pouring molten liquid metal into a precise mold to cast complex shapes of metal products such as machine gears, automotive parts, iron weights, and Rims at a low rejection rate.

  • Steel Manufacturing

    Pouring of Molten Iron into Molding Casts to Produce Custom Size Metal Parts

  • Machine Parts Manufacturer

    We are capable of manufacturing steel iron manufacturing parts, Machine parts and other machine parts.

  • Manufacturer of Steel Shafting

    We manufacture and supply Shafting Steel Products to manufacturers and construction businesses in the Philippines

Foundry Factory in the Philippines Rotelland International

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